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Episode 121: Season 6 Finale Part 2: End of An Eradesign
Pandy, Guunesh, and Eddie have been looking for Brick for what feels like an age. Will they finally learn of his fate? And what happens when they finally make their way into the vault?

Episode 120: Season 6 Finale Part 1: Quick Brickdesign
Having made his way to the end of the vault, Brick has found the treasure and a mysterious stranger? Will the rest of his friends finally catch up with him? And what does the stranger have to do with the vault?

Episode 119: Discoverydesign
Our intrepid Brick continues on his own with his “friends” in pursuit. Will they ever be reunited? Will their friendship ever be the same? What awaits Brick as he makes his way deeper into a vault?

Episode 118: Thespians and Thievesdesign
Brick has descended into the vault with his “new” friends while his old friends are right on his trail. Will they finally catch up? What else lies in the vault?

Episode 117: The Pink Flumphdesign
Brick’s quest was brought to an abrupt end, or has it? Brick makes a new friend as his solo quest for the vault takes an unexpected turn.

Episode 116: A Brick Too Fardesign
Brick has everything he needs for his solo excursion, but he’s got the rest of the team hot on his trail. And he runs into an old friend. Where will he go next? Can he find the vault?

Episode 115: Brick’s Big Day Outdesign
Brick has the Stone; he’s got the ingot (and a few extra); he’s got his friends worried sick about him. What happens next? Will they finally catch up with him? Or will Brick succeed in finding the vault all by himself?

Episode 114: The Secret Gamedesign
Brick now has the Stone, but his “friend” has told him to keep it secret. What will Brick do now? Can Brick keep the Stone secret and what will he tell his friends?

Episode 113: The Stone of Golorrdesign
Guunesh, Pandy, and Brick are hot on the trail of the Stone of Golorr after searching the sewers. But where will this trail end? And what happens when they finally realize their goal? Surprises ahead.

Episode 112: Into Darknessdesign
Guunesh, Brick, and Pandy have found their way into the sewers in search of the Stone of Golar, but what else will they find down in the depths aside from a lot of sewage?

Episode 111: Tilting At Windmillsdesign
Our heroes are on the trail of the mysterious key they found at the mausoleum. But will it truly lead them to the Stone of Golar? Or is it another dead end on this long scavenger hunt?

Episode 110: A Keydesign
The characters has found a lonesome key in the mausoleum, but have just been confronted at the exit by another group also looking for the key. What happens next?

Episode 109: Recoverydesign
Eddie is recovering from her ordeal, but what impact will this have on her and the others? With the first death in the party, our heroes must decide if the cost of the hunt is too high.

Episode 108: Worthydesign
What do you mean she’s gone? What are they going to do? The crew run into yet another roadblock on their hunt for the Stone as they face an existential crisis.

Episode 107: I See Youdesign
Our heroes has chased off the ruffians from outside Grenda’s house in the dock ward, but will she have the information they seek? Or will it prove to be a dead end?

Episode 106: On The Dock of the Baydesign
The crew has gotten Nim settled comfortably at the Troll Skull Tavern, but they’ve got to get hopping on the trail left by the destroyed nimblewright. Will Glenda have the information they need to finally make some progress in finding the Stone of Golar?

Episode 105: Settling Indesign
Having recovered their new friend, the characters settles in to determine their next steps. In what direction will they head? What clues have they missed in their hunt for the nimblewright?

Episode 104: Back to Businessdesign
With the nimblewright in pieces and ready to be delivered, our heroes are ready to recover and move on to next steps. But will all go according to plan? Nim’s future could well depend on it.

Episode 103: Just What’s Neededdesign
Has the crew found the nimblewright or has the nimblewright found the party? And will the nimblewright have the answers they need?

Episode 102: Hitting the Bricksdesign
With their new guest tucked away, the crew is back on the trail of the rogue nimblewright. Will they find what they’re looking for or just trouble?

Episode 101: Season 6 Premiere: Sweet Freedomdesign
Eddie’s out of lockup (though on magical probation), Pandy is bouncing back from her altercation with her estranged father, Guunesh is back to the beat, and Brick is well.. Brick.

Season Six

Episode 100: Season 5 Finale: The Trial Part 2design
The entire crew has ended up at the courthouse for Eddie’s Trial, but in what state will they all leave? Will Eddie be found innocence? What other revelations are in store for them?

Episode 99: Season 5 Finale: The Trial Part 1design
Eddie has been arrested for the misuse of magic against a citizen; what will her friends do now? Do they let her stand trial or break the law and free her?

Episode 98: Reckoningdesign
The party has been all over Waterdeep following this Nimblewright case, but will their investigations finally catch up with them?

Episode 97: Making Friends and Enemiesdesign
The Nimblewright Detector has led the crew to the Gaarlhund Estate, but can they get eyes on this rogue nimblewright?

Episode 96: The Secret of Nimdesign
The crew have found themselves at the Temple of Gond investigating a lead on the rogue nimblewright that firebombed Trollskull Alley. But what else lies behind closed doors at the House of the Inspired Hands?

Episode 95: A Quick Chatdesign
The group is starting to put together what happened outside their tavern but they still don’t have the full picture yet. Find what clues there are to find in this latest episode.

Episode 94: A Good Look Arounddesign
What in the world was that explosion! And what chaos has descended upon Trollskull Alley? Our heroes somewhat peaceful new life as tavern owners is thrown into mayhem.

Episode 93: A Rock and A Bard Placedesign
Having protected the Dung-sweepers, the party turn their attention back to locating Maxine, but how will they find a singular horse in the middle of Waterdeep?

Episode 92: Sweeping The Streetsdesign
Guunesh has been recruited to help protect the Dung-Sweepers since the city is proving to be a bit too rowdy at the moment with the roiling gang war between the Xans and the Zents, which means the rest of the crew will come along for the fun. What kind of trouble will they stir up with their presence?

Episode 91: To Be A Harperdesign
The crew has found themselves in box seats at an opera– but why exactly are they there and who is this mysterious fellow with the paper cranes?

Episode 90: The Operadesign
Having settled into their new digs, the crew of the Trollskull Tavern are hitting a stride. But are they ready for a new opportunity that comes their way?

Episode 89: The Money Pitdesign
With the manor is a horrible state of repairs and almost all the city guilds salivating over the prospect of repairing it and opening it for business, the heroes find themselves in a bit of trouble.

Episode 88: Trollskull Manordesign
The party explores their grand reward, but what’s the catch? Is it empty? And can they get it open and ready for business? Sometimes a grand reward is a great pain in the butt.

Episode 87: A Grand Rewarddesign
The party has defeated the horrifying spectacle in the sewers, but what has become of Flune? And as a special treat, this week’s episode features a special sneak peek at the unedited content that all our Patrons receive.

Episode 86: Food For Thoughdesign
The party has run into some scoundrels that they’ve met before. Will these miscreants know the whereabouts of the missing Flune? Would they even say so if they did?

Episode 85: Waist High Wastedesign
In pursuit of the missing Flune, the party food their way into the sewers. Having found their way into the sewers. Will they be able to find him amidst all this mess?

Episode 84: Into The Sewersdesign
Told that Xanathar’s Guild has a hideout in the sewers, the party is off to attempt a rescue of Flune. Will they emerge victorious, or just covered in stink?

Episode 83: The Warehousedesign
Having heard about a Zhentarim warehouse near the tavern where their missing man was jumped, the party decides to check it out. Will they find who they’re looking for?

Episode 82: On The Casedesign
The crew is ready to follow up on their lead on the missing redhead. Will they find what they’re looking for at the Skewered Dragon?

Episode 81: Season 5 Premieredesign
Bored with their usual haunt, a group of friends decide to visit the famous Yawning Portal. They never expected what would happen next.

Season Five

Episode 80: Season 4 Finale, Part Twodesign
They’ve found the Infinite Staircase, they’ve found a final respite and gathered themselves, and now they’re on to Baator. But is that where their hearts truly lead?

Episode 80: Season 4 Finale, Part Onedesign
Having found a respite on the Infinite Staircase, the party takes a moment to rest and take stock of their situation. What else does the Infinite Staircase have in store for the team?

Episode 79: The Infinite Staircasedesign
Having made it past the feasts of the Fae, the party is on their way to the Infinite Staircase. Will it meet their expectations?

Episode 78: Blessingdesign
They’ve seen Tymora’s most serious chamber, but will they get the aid they seek? Fortune finds us in the most mysterious ways.

Episode 77: Try Your Luckdesign
The party has finally made it to Tymora’s Golden Wheel, but will they gain the aid they seek?

Episode 76: The Golden Wheeldesign
The party is on their way to meet Tymora in the hopes of gaining her favor in their quest to recover her temple from the depths of Baator. But what awaits them in her presence?

Episode 75: The Challengedesign
The party continues onward to their short-term goal– an audience with Tymora. But what stands in their way other than an ancient giant were-bear?

Episode 74: Midsummerdesign
The party knows what direction they need to go, but not much else. How far will they get in their quest to find Selune, the next step recovering the Stolen Temple?

Episode 73: Flightdesign
Having begun their trek across the plane of Ysgard, the party has certainly gotten up to some of their usual antics involving polymorph, raging battles, and some dumb decisions. What’s next in store?

Episode 72: Oakshottdesign
Given directions by a local, the party and Bearn’s Boys are trudging across the plane of Ysgard in order to find the realm of Selune and within it, the goddess Tymora. What obstacles lie in their way?

Episode 71: Bigrokdesign
The party is now is Ysgard. But how will they manage to find their way to Selune’s realm? An entire floating continent sits between them and their goal with a population known to be a bit rough.

Episode 70: Ysgarddesign
The party is on their way to Tymora, but are still stuck in the outlands. How will they get to Ysgard, much less all the way to Tymora? And what awaits for them once they arrive in Ysgard?

Episode 69: Gloriumdesign
Baern, Erok, and Aspen have just walked through a portal with a bunch of rowdy boys into the gate town at the edge of the outlands near Ysgard, what could possibly go wrong?

Episode 68: The Drinking Contestdesign
Armed with information about the missing Temple, all that’s left to do is the rescue. Should be easy right? Find out how it all goes awry as the characters set their plan in motion.

Episode 67: With A Little Luckdesign
The party has returned from Plague-Mort with a whole horde of new information. But how will they ever accomplish this monumental task?

Episode 66: The Bonds of Helldesign
Left wandering the sewers of Plague-Mort, the party is still in search of the Tiefling sorcerer. Will they finally find what they’re looking for?

Episode 65: Wandering In The Darkdesign
We left the party down in the catacombs of Plague-Mort searching for the Tiefling sorcerer. How much longer will they be stuck down there?

Episode 64: Filthy Fisticuffsdesign
The party has found their way into the underground of Plague-Mort in pursuit of a Tiefling sorcerer. But dangers lurk in the dark. Will the team make it beyond the sewage filled warrens to find answers?

Episode 63: Silent and Deadlydesign
The party has arrived in Plague-mort and made some ‘friends’. Will they find the answers they seek?

Episode 62: Plague-Mortdesign
Having recovered what is possibly their biggest clue in this entire investigation, the party is off to Plague-Mort, the city on the edge of the Abyss, in search of a Tiefling Warlock who may be connected to the Temple’s disappearance.

Episode 61: Season 4 Premieredesign
The party has been attacked by bounty hunters sent by the Devils. They had just gotten done rescuing a dwarven sage who specializes in the Planes. Will this be the clue they need to get back on the trail of the temple?

Season Four

Episode 60: Podcasts of Foes Special One Shotdesign
In case you missed it on the Official Dungeon Delve feed, we are finally able to release our Podcasts of Foes episode for Wizards of the Coast featuring monsters from the new Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. We left the party having arrived back in Sigil, with Erok paying off the debt of their new Dwarven Sage friend. But what could be waiting for them just around the corner?

Episode 59: Season 3 Finale Part 2design
The party is still stuck on the plane of Carceri, in pursuit of a Dwarven Mage. Even though the Magnificent Mansion was a welcome respite, they must press on. What awaits them at the Temple of Titan?

Episode 58: Season 3 Finale Part 1design
The party has stumbled their way through Colothys, rude denizens and all, in pursuit of a Dwarven Sage. Have they lost the trail? Did he really walk right up to the door of a Titan?

Episode 57: Colothysdesign
The party was sent to Dwarven Mountain to find a Dwarven Sage, but discovered that their mark had been lost in transit and was most likely in the mountains of Colothys on the plane of Carceri. What else will they find in the driving winds and mountain paths?

Episode 56: Dwarven Mountaindesign
The party has been encouraged to head to the Dwarven Mountain in the Outlands in order to find a Dwarven Sage for Beetle, of Beetle’s Bobs & Wheezes. If they manage to bring him back, they will be rewarded with a handsome discount on a powerful magical artifact.

Episode 55: Beetle’s Bobs & Wheezesdesign
With the party having returned to Sigil from the Abyss, there are still some loose ends to wrap up. But what trouble will they chase next? In the hopes of gaining better equipment, the heroes have arrived at Beetle’s. Hopefully, their luck is about to change.

Episode 54: Deliverydesign
We left the party at the gate of the Keep of the Succubus, amidst an unfortunate scrap between the group and a couple of demons. How will they manage to get out of this one? This has felt like a setup from the beginning. But our heroes may not figure out what’s going on in time.

Episode 53: Post-Hastedesign
The party has found themselves in the Abyss, playing courier, beseiged by mutant mouth monsters on a trail lined by dead devils. What else could go wrong? Knowing our heroes, its only a matter of time before things get worse.

Episode 52: Literal Chaosdesign
Having been ambushed by the Baatezu, the party was left staring out into the Abyss. How will they find the star crossed lover to get them back to Sigil? The Abyss isn’t a friendly place. If our heroes make a wrong turn, they may never get back to the safety of the Cage.

Episode 51: Ambusheddesign
We left the party on their way to deliver the love note of the mysterious stranger, with their crystal transport having been rushed by a group of Devils. What do they want and how will the party navigate this new obstacle?

Episode 50: Going Postaldesign
The party was stalled out by Subocca’s requirement that they join up with one of the many factions of Sigil before they could pick up the job mentioned by Kara the Tout. With what factions will the party ally? Its too early to tell what impact their choices will have on the planes.

Episode 49: Suboccadesign
While Erok may not be having fun, Baern is certainly right at home among the orderly hallways in the Hall of Records. But what information lies in wait here in Sigil? Is this the means by which it is retrieved? The characters need answers. But the Cage doesn’t give up its secrets easily.

Episode 48: The Streets of Sigildesign
The party’s collective head is still swimming from their abrupt departure of Baator, but are there answers here in Sigil, or just more loose ends? The party’s long awaited arrive in the Cage is here.

Episode 47: Bats Outta Helldesign
With the Pillar of Skulls divulging the direction of the portal and the key with which to open it, the party is off to collect a brick, which is probably not yellow, from a road which is probably not paved with gold.

Episode 46: The Pillar of Skullsdesign
The party is enjoying the hospitality of Hexla the wayward witch, who has been stuck in this first level of Hell for over 20 years! They have learned from her that there may be a way out. But will these condemned sages have any of the information that the party seeks?

Episode 45: Hexladesign
We last left the party amidst a magical cacophony. Has Finnot laid some kind of trap for those who would investigate his residence or has something else gone awry?

Episode 44: Finott the Court Wizarddesign
After tracking Marcurio to Cormyr, the party is left with a gaping hole, both in the ground where the Towers of Good Fortune once stood, and in their knowledge of what transpired. Surely someone in Cormyr must have more answers.

Episode 43: Cormyrdesign
With Marcurio missing, and Leosan and the Harper spurring them on, the party has reached the border wall of Cormyr. But what mysteries lie behind it’s well defended border? What clues of the disappearances will be left for them to uncover?

Episode 42: Getting to Know Youdesign
Marcurio Agosto Domine, Bard Extroadinaire, Harper Spy, and former adventuring companion of Bearn and Erock, has gone missing. Tasked with travelling to Cormyr in search of clues to his whereabouts, the party takes off to Waterdeep.

Episode 41: Season 3 Premieredesign
At long last, Season 3 premieres with an hour long episode: New Beginnings. Meet new characters and find out what the Aspen has been up to since defeating Imrith and solving the mystery of the missing King Hekaton.

Season Three

Episode 40: Season 2 Finale Part IIdesign
We left the party having defeated the bedazzled air elementals and with Aspen having a peculiar feeling about the sand piles left in the lair. With Iymrith defeated, what else could be lurking in these dusty halls?

Episode 39: Season 2 Finale Part Idesign
Having hunted Iymrith to her lair, we left the party mid-action, with Eobard having been buried by a collapsing ceiling. Will he and the others make it out alive? And what of Iymrith?

Episode 38: In Pursuit of Iymrithdesign
We left the party with Iymrith having fled deeper into her lair. Will their power, combined with that of their giant cohort, be enough to finish The Doom of the Desert once and for all?

Episode 37: Anaurochdesign
Despite having done virtually zero prep work for such an excursion, the team seems intent on going dragon hunting. Will they find their prize ready and waiting?

Episode 36: King of Thunderdesign
We left the party in the middle of the Trackless Sea, confronted with the reality of a sleeping King and a very awake Kraken. How will they manage to escape?

Episode 35: A Growing Stormdesign
Having found the Morkoth and the incapacitated Heaton, what will happen next in the Trackless Sea, so far from their homes and with an ancient Kraken in sight?

Episode 34: The Morkothdesign
The party has arrived back in Maelstrom to inform Princess Cerissa of what was discovered on the Grand Dame, but how will they actually find this ship?

Episode 33: Extreme Measuresdesign
Having been taken into confidence by Lord Drylund, the party is that much closer to information regarding the missing King Hekaton. But will Drylund end up being a dead end?

Episode 32: The Grand Damedesign
Thanks to a clever ritual by Eobard, don’t have to worry about racism keeping them from exploring the Grand Dame Casino. But will this be the end of the Golden Goose Chase?

Episode 31: Yartardesign
The party has found itself on the trail of The Grand Dame casino. But will Yartar provide the missing clues about what in the heck a riverboat casino has to do with the missing King Hekaton?

Episode 30: Pit Stopdesign
The party exposed Imrith’s plot at the court of King Hekaton, but the King himself is still missing. Where will this, now literal, goose chase lead?

Episode 29: Revelationsdesign
The party has made it to Maelstrom, but their fate remains unclear. Are there any allies to be had in the Court of the Regent Princess Cerissa? What news of King Hekaton is there to be uncovered? Will the party make it out alive?

Episode 28: Maelstromdesign
We left the party having snuck through Iron Slag, past the Fire Giants, goblins, orcs, and drow, to blow the magic conch of King Hekaton’s court. What awaits them on the other side?

Episode 27: Duke Zaltodesign
The party has successfully snuck into Iron Slag under the Ice Spires, but will they find the conch? And if they do, what comes next?

Episode 26: Inside Iron Slagdesign
What will the team find therein? Answers to their remaining questions about King Hekaton’s disappearance or a fiery death?

Episode 25: The Interrogationdesign
With Chief Karthakaya of the Yak village about to return from his temporary banishment, the party has to think on their feet. Will they be able to subdue the Chief?

Episode 24: Chaosdesign
Having escaped their confinement in the yak village, but now facing a herd of angry yak warriors. How will they scrape their way out of this hairy situation?

Episode 23: Cageddesign
We left the party enslaved by the Yak folk of the Ice Spires above the fortress of fire giant Duke Zalto. How will they manage to escape this time, outnumbered and naked as they are?

Episode 22: The Ice Spiresdesign
With the help of the agents of Kluuth, the traveling party has stocked up in Mirabar and is off to the Ice Spires. Will they confront Duke Zalto?

Episode 21: An Unwanted Favordesign
Eobard and his companions finally have a lead to follow, thanks to the answers from the Oracle, but will they be cut short with fang and flame, as quickly as it all began?

Episode 20: The Oracledesign
Our heroes are as close as they’ve ever been to answers to the mysterious disappearance of Hekaton, King of All Giants, and the destruction of the Ording.

Episode 19: The Eye of the All-Fatherdesign
Will they survive the battle against the barbarians and their white dragon wormling? Will the Eye of the All-Father contain the answers they seek?

Episode 18: Season 2 Premieredesign
Having found little information in Silverymoon, a mysterious message is the thin thread the group has to follow in pursuit of the missing Hekaton, King of all Giants.

Season Two

Episode 17: Season 1 Finaledesign
Our heroes have tracked down a connection of Artis Cimber’s to Silverymoon and the House of Roaringhorn. Will they finally find out what happened to Artis?

Episode 16: A Giant Problemdesign
Our heroes were left investigating a tower that appeared to contain a giant. What is it doing here and what will happen when Ja’Dor Giant-Killer gets inside?

Episode 15: The Finger of Fatedesign
The heroes were left stranded in Mirabar thanks to the unhelpful intervention of Queen Dagnabit’s spectral commando dwarves.

Episode 14: The Cloud Towerdesign
Our heroes have been scooped up by a cloud giant named Zephyros in his floating Cloud Tower. Will their ride to Silverymoon continue to go smoothly or is there more danger lurking above the clouds?

Episode 13: The Golden Troutdesign
Bryn Shander has been saved! But our heroes are now on the trail of Artus Cimber. But how will our heroes fare on their journey to Silverymoon?

Episode 12: The Acolyte of Tormdesign
Our heroes miraculously survived the Giant attack on Bryn Shander, but who is Artus Cimber and what about him brought the Giants to the Icewind Dales?

Episode 11: Under Attackdesign
Will our heroes be able to defend Bryn Shander against whatever the giants have planned and when over the skeptical townsfolk?

Episode 10: A Welcome Respitedesign
We last left our heroes on the way to the Speaker’s Palace. What kind of reception will they face from the leadership of Brynshander?

Episode 09: Confrontationdesign
Will Eobard’s illusion be enough to hide our heroes? Will Ja’Dor be able to take out both a giant and a large wolf alone?

Episode 08: The Descentdesign
We last left our heroes in the Goliath Village with Ja’Dor and the rest of his clan. What awaits them on the next leg of their journey North to Bryn Shander?

Episode 07: Among The Goliathsdesign
Our heroes have finally reached the end of their climb. What will they encounter among Ja’Dor and his people?

Episode 06: The Climbdesign
Will our heroes be able to defeat the horrible evil sludge? Will they finally get back on track with their journey North?

Episode 05: This Seems Buggydesign
Our heroes have defeated the Ogres and freed the prisoners from the pantry, but have they cleared the tunnels and expanses of the cave or does more danger lurk in its depths?

Episode 04: Orge Huntingdesign
Our heroes have stumbled upon a cave, what wonders will they find inside? Treasure? Glory? or is it just full of bat guano?

Episode 03: Troubledesign
Our heroes, having survived the viscious mid-night attack, continue on their quest. What surprises await them in the Spine of the World?

Episode 02: From Fog to Firedesign
Will our heroes survive their trip on the open sea? Will they arrive in Luskin safely?

Episode 01: Our Story Beginsdesign
In this first episode, we meet our adventurers, have a council meeting, and begin our voyage North aboard the Orn Talon!

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