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rpg1-1Dungeons & Dragons has gone through many editions over the years. Today, we are using the latest edition, often known as 5th Edition or 5E. While many of our stories are homebrew campaigns created by Quinn Sowers, we also play through many of the published adventures, e.g. Rise of Tiamat, Curse of Strahd, and Storm King’s Thunder.

img_0230First made into a roleplaying game by Greg Costikyan for West End Games in 1987,  today the Star Wars roleplaying game is produced by Fantasy Flight Games. Using a unique dice system, the latest version of the game is an outstanding way to explore a galaxy far, far, away. Produced as a patron-only reward, we play mostly homebrew adventures and campaigns.


skt_bookThe latest Dungeons & Dragons published adventure from Wizards of the Coast takes our heroes across the North of the Sword Coast as they attempt to unravel the source of the sudden increase in giant attacks. Like all our campaigns, this material often serves as a starting point but we also develop unique material, characters, settings, and situations based on our character backgrounds and choices. In this case, the first chapter has been replaced with material created by Quinn to better connect the player characters to the plot. We’re excited to bring it to life for you. We hope you enjoy the show!

Below, you will find brief sketches of our cast’s current characters.

Dramatis Personae

Aspen Tamble, Rogue
A forest gnome who spent the formative years of his life as a courtier in the Fey Court, he returned home one morning to find something horrible. Stone Giants had come out of the Greypeak Mountains and destroyed his home village in a forest along the Delimbiyr River. He has traveled to Waterdeep in the hopes of finding some answers and some help.

Calak, Monk
Making his home in The Whalebones, just North of the Northlander Isles, Calak has swam up and down the Sea of Swords. Found by Captain Gorbur of the Longhand, the water genasi has spent most of his life helping lost ships find home. Hearing more and more rumors of giant attacks, he has traveled to Waterdeep to lend a hand.

Eobard Thawn, Warlock
Raised in the Fangstone Keep in the foothills of the Forlorn Hills, he is the son of the Lord of Fangstone. Having recently discovered the supernatural powers of his fiendish pact, he has been sent by his father to Waterdeep to learn more about the increased giant attacks and to help his family rise to power.